Red Zone woes continue to plague Falcons

The Atlanta Falcons went into the game against the New England Patriots knowing that they needed to score as many points as possible against Tom Brady and his bunch of unknown warriors.  Head coach Mike Smith knew this as well, so when it came to a forth and two call, Smith had no qualms letting his team try and pick up the first.  Had Matt Ryan not thrown an errant pass, the Falcons would have taken the lead and who knows what the outcome would be after that.  Going 3-13 on third down over a span of four games certainly doesn’t help.

“There were a number of contributing factors to our inefficiency, not just one area, not just one group,” Mike Smith said Monday. “We had some protection issues. We had some routes that were not run right. We had some drops. We had some missed throws. I can assure you that we’re addressing it as a coaching staff, and we’re addressing it with our team.”

The Falcons will have the opportunity to right the ship as they take on the New York Jets , October 7th. Great tickets and seats are still available!

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