Falcons epic failure to take care of the ball

If you spot a team four turnovers and 17 points you most likely will not win that game and the proof is in the pudding.

The Falcons fumbled three times and Matt Ryan threw one interception in a 23-20 overtime loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.  Adding insult to injury, the Falcons were penalized an uncharacteristic 11 times for 124 yards.  Ryan did complete 37 of 45 passes for 397 yards and two touchdowns in the loss.

“We can’t dig ourselves that hole and expect to consistently get out of it,” said Ryan, who was responsible for two of the turnovers.

The Falcons must now get back to basics as they prepare to take on the struggling San Francisco 49ers next Sunday at Levi’s Stadium.

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Falcons fall to Saints

“It’s always tough to lose your first game,” Falcons defensive tackle Adrian Clayborn said. “They executed perfectly. The beat us on offense. They beat us on defense and they won the turnover battle. You can’t come back from that no matter how good you play.”

It was going to happen sooner or later, that first loss of the season.  For the Atlanta Falcons, it came at the hands of a struggling New Orleans Saints team.  For their part, the Saints did not look like the team of the past few weeks.  QB Drew Brees was 30-39 for 312 yards and a touchdown.  The Falcons committed three turnovers in the loss even as Matt Ryan was 30-44 for 295 yards and two touchdowns.

“For us to finish minus-three (three turnovers) was hard on us,” Falcons coach Dan Quinn said. “We weren’t able to create any defensively. We had a blocked punt and the turnovers really told the story of the game. It’s hard to overcome those mistakes.”

The Falcons must put it all aside and concentrate on their upcoming game against the 1-4 Tennessee Titans.  Plenty of great seats and affordable tickets are still available so be sure to get yours today and help cheer on your Atlanta Falcons on the road!


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Falcons a tale of two teams

After slogging through a less than perfect first half but happy to be down by only  11 points, the Atlanta Falcons carved up the undefeated Dallas Cowboys with the combination of Ryan to Jones in the air and Devonta Freeman, who had 141 yards on the ground.  The Falcons held the Cowboys scoreless in the second half while posting 22 points of their own and besting the Cowboys 39-28.

“We just want to move the ball — I don’t care how we do it,” said Freeman, who also picked up 52 yards receiving yards. “Run, pass, if we get three points on a field goal, as long as we move the ball and get points.”

The Falcons must now prepare to host the Houston Texans, who are coming off a 19-9 win over the Buccaneers.  Plenty of affordable tickets and great seats are still available so be sure to get yours today and help cheer on your Atlanta Falcons!

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