Atlanta Falcons Tickets

We would like to help you support the Atlanta Falcons in person. The place we would recommend checking out for those hard to get tickets is: Get Tickets Here. Yes,  everyone likes to see a winning team, but going to the game is really more about “BEING THERE”. Did your parents ever take you to a football game? Have you ever taken your kids? You know there is nothing better than being there!

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Falcons listed as underdogs

Patriots have eight players listed on IR/Falcons have three that will probably play

The Atlanta Falcons are in the biggest game of their franchise’s history but pundits are not showing any respect to the NFC Champions in deference to the AFC Champion New England Patriots extensive championship pedigree.

Within the Falcons six game winning streak, they have defeated their opponents by a 20 point average while the Patriots streak of nine games they defeated their opponents by a 17 point margin.

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Super Bowl Bound

Falcons and Patriots tangle in the NFL Finale

Matt Ryan has emerged as the most prolific quarterback in the NFL this season and has looked more like Tom Brady of old than Tom Brady does this season.  There is a reason for that, actually.  You see, Ryan studied Tom Brady and other high scoring NFL quarterbacks.

I decided I would spend the early part of the off-season studying the high-scoring offenses in the NFL that had personnel similar to ours here in Atlanta. – Matt Ryan

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Packers come calling on Falcons for NFC Title

Falcons take out Seahawks/Packers take out Cowboys

The Atlanta Falcons (12-5) defeated the Seattle Seahawks (11-6-1) on Saturday to move on to the NFC title round with the Green Bay Packers (12-6) after they defeated the Dallas Cowboys (13-4) the following day.  Tickets for the next round will go fast.

Matt Ryan completed the game and the victory with a nine play/99 yard drive that took nearly three minutes that put the Falcons up by nine.  They never looked back after that.

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