Falcons waive 3 wide receivers to get to 75

The Atlanta Falcons have waived WR Rashad Evans, WR Marcus Jackson and WR Marcus Sales to get down to the mandatory 75 players.

The Falcons have yet to win a preseason game and have been beaten by the Bengals, Ravens and Titans prompting Head Coach Mike Smith to declare that the “mistakes will be fixed before (the) season opener.

”You know there’s going to matchups that you like and matchups you’re going to be concerned about,” Smith said Monday. ”And with those matchups you’re concerned about, it’s a coach’s job to put people in position where they can be successful.”

Starting quarterback Matt Ryan was sacked five times during the loss to Tennessee.

”We gave up way too many sacks,” Smith said. ”Often times, people want to pinpoint it on one person. That’s not the case. Unless you know what the protection is, what the front is and know who’s responsible for (whom), you can’t blame one person.”

The Falcons will take on the Jacksonville Jaguars in the fourth and final preseason game.  Tickets are still available.

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