Falcons kicked out of playoff run

With the loss to the New Orleans Saints last week, the Falcons were mathematically eliminated from the 2013 NFL Playoffs after reaching them four out of the last five seasons.  Last season, the Falcons reached the NFC Championships.

“We are playing for the next game,” Falcons coach Mike Smith said. “We are judged weekly. Players, coaches, we’re all judged from week-to-week in a 16-game season. Our focus has to be the best that we can be next week for the Buffalo Bills.”

The Falcons meet the Buffalo Bills December 1st. Great seats and tickets are still available.

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RB Rainey runs roughshod over Falcons

You can’t exactly blame the Atlanta Falcons for not game-planning against a back pulled off the waiver wire last month and who only carried the ball for the first time six days ago.  That would be a mistake.

“That’s my motivation, when people tell me what I can and cannot do,” Bobby Rainey said after rushing for 163 yards Sunday against the Falcons.

The Falcons fell under a relentless attack and a 21-point 2nd quarter that doomed them to a 48-21 blowout at the hands of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

“He’s stepped up. We put a lot on his plate, but he’s handled it well,” receiver Vincent Jackson said.

“He’s being very coach-able. He’s taking in everything that’s being asked of him, doing a great job in the passing game as well, picking up blocks,” he said. “I see the kid being successful the rest of this year. We put guys in position to be successful. Hats off to our coaches for working with him, putting the time in so he can go out there and compete.”

The schedule gets even harder for the Falcons as they meet the New Orleans Saints this Thursday night.  Great seats and tickets are still available.


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Falcons look to Tampa Bay for redemption

The Atlanta Falcons are trying to recover from an embarrasing loss to the Seattle Seahawks in which they managed only one touchdown and one field goal.  The loss marked the return of superstar receiver Roddy White who participated in 55 of the 58 snaps on offense, which equates to 95% of the snaps.  The Falcons are in the midst of a three game losing streak and have lost by a combined 88-33 score.

“It’s been frustrating,” quarterback Matt Ryan said. “Obviously, we’re nine games into it and certainly not even close to where we want to be and that makes it difficult.”

Head Coach Mike Smith has confidence in his team and feels that they are playing to the best of their abilities.  Granted, that this loss Sunday was against a top notch team.

“I do feel like our guys are playing hard,” Falcons coach Mike Smith said. “We just physically didn’t win the line of scrimmage today, on both sides of the football.”

The Falcons go back on the road to take on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers who are coming off their first victory of the season against the Dolphins last weekend.  Great seats and tickets are still available.

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